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Sending Multiple Files Using a File Compression Program

You can use the upload utility on this website to upload multiple files at once, if you compress or “zip” them all into one folder. If you have any version of the Windows XP operating system, please follow the below steps to zip your files into a single folder for uploading. If you do not have the Windows XP operating system, you must use a 3rd party compression utility program, such as WinZip.
Our experience is that WinZip, although it carries a price tag of $29.25, is easy to use and is considered a favorite compression utility in the marketplace. It is also the oldest & most popular. However, other compression programs are available too as both freeware and shareware." You can even upload larger files, such as 25 – 50 Megs.

Step 1. Locate your files. | Next Step

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